Advanced data structure using c++


Advanced data structure using c++

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About book

“It is a practical book with emphasis on real problems theprogrammers encounter daily.”
–Dr.Tim H. Lin, California State Polytechnic University,Pomona

“My overall impressions of this book are excellent. This bookemphasizes the three areas I want: advanced C++, data structuresand the STL and is much stronger in these areas than othercompeting books.”
–Al Verbanec, Pennsylvania State University

Think, Then Code

When it comes to writing code, preparation is crucial to success.Before you can begin writing successful code, you need to firstwork through your options and analyze the expected performance ofyour design. That’s why Elliot Koffman and Paul Wolfgang’s Objects,Abstraction, Data Structures, and Design: Using C++ encourages youto Think, Then Code, to help you make good decisions in thosecritical first steps in the software design process.

The text helps you thoroughly understand basic data structures andalgorithms, as well as essential design skills and principles.Approximately 20 case studies show you how to apply those skillsand principles to real-world problems. Along the way, you’ll gainan understanding of why different data structures are needed, theapplications they are suited for, and the advantages anddisadvantages of their possible implementations.

Key Features
* Object-oriented approach.
* Data structures are presented in the context of software designprinciples.
* 20 case studies reinforce good programming practice.
* Problem-solving methodology used throughout… “Think, thencode!”
* Emphasis on the C++ Standard Library.
* Effective pedagogy.

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